6 Best PC Desk Setups November 2021

6 Best PC Desk Setups November 2021
Photo by Fotis Fotopoulos / Unsplash

Gear up and get ready for the holidays with the best PC Setups of November 2022.

Star Wars Chic

Now here's the perfect way to incorporate LED lights. They make the space dramatic without making it look like a hospital in your gaming space.

Neutral Classic

I love that we're veering away from the bright and flashing LED lights. Do I love them? Yes, but it's nice to see a new take.

Tropical Sunset

This setup takes the relaxation factor to the next level and gives the phrase "burning the midnight oil" a new meaning. I'd love to be listening to some cozy music while working late at this setup.

Neutral Pink and Black

Simple, modern, and Scandinavian, this setup is warm and relaxing but still upscale.

Out of this World

Talk about a new concept—this gaming space feels truly like something out of a sci-fi film. And how cool is that pyramid PC?

Purple Paradise

Special shoutout to my own desk setup that I had a lot of fun putting together.