It Takes Two is Everything I Love About Gaming

It Takes Two is Everything I Love About Gaming

Warning! There are some spoilers.

Game Title: It Takes Two

Game Style: Co-op Game (Two Players)

Developer: Hazelight Studios

Publisher: EA

Rating: 11/10

Summary: It Takes Two is a charming co-op game filled with intricate puzzles, mysteries, and Boss fights that are as equally challenging as they are hilarious, all wrapped up in a story about falling in and out of love.

You and a partner play as Cody and May, a married couple who has recently decided they are filing for divorce. Cody and May are soon put under a spell, transforming their human bodies into dolls. With the help Dr. Hakim, a saucy self-help book, Cody and May fight side-by-side against various obstacles to get back into their bodies. Battles range from a jaded military squirrel to time itself. Seriously. You fight TIME.

What I expected: A cute game filled with fun and interesting levels that my partner and I could breeze through.

What I got: A game that I fell in love with for its humor, stimulating puzzles and absolutely stunning level design.

Who Should Play This Game: As a couple, this game is very enjoyable and relatable. Any pair of friends would enjoy this game too, just try not to fall in love.

Despite the art style, this doesn't really seem like its made for kids, but I'll let the rating folks decide that. (Rating Pending currently)

Initial Thoughts

With my last favorite Co-op game being Castle Crashers, I expected the gameplay to feel similar*.* Simple and uncomplicated with the real joy being spending time with a partner. But It Takes Two almost immediately launches you into a wild ride of a child's imagination.

More often than not, co-op games seem to create frustration among partners (or is it just me?) Rather than having fun together, you often find yourself frustrated at the other person's abilities, or lack thereof. Looking at you, Overcooked. I can't wash dishes AND chop the onions DEBRA.

This is what I would call a true co-op game. Since you each have unique abilities and challenges in this game, you truly feel as if you're beating the game as a team.


The level of intricacy at every level in this game is astonishing. It's actually more like playing 10  games in one. Not only do the designers have to accommodate two people getting through a level together with differing abilities, but then it gets CRAZY. Cody gets the ability to shrink and grow, and May gets the ability to walk on the ceiling. As Cody shrinks, you get the chance to view the level on a microscopic level, while May is viewing the same level from a different view upside down. Mind. Blown.

At times it feels almost like a turn-taking game. One player figures out their piece of the puzzle while the other coaches them along the way and offers suggestions. But then, the game will surprise you and switch up the format completely. At one point you play in a Mario-style 2d platformer, and at another you acquire magical abilities and play in a Diablo-style top-down view instead. This game never gets stale and is ever-changing. It never feels repetitive or boring in the slightest, and I only got nauseous once. Worth it.

The Verdict.

This is a once-in-a-decade game, that I truly believe everyone needs to experience at least once. It Takes Two bravely breaks out of the mold, making it a refreshing twist to modern gaming.